Kevin, Leo, Gerry and Joel

The Nov-Ell Story

Nov-Ell Sales started over 75 years ago when Elliot Novek came home from WWII and began selling tools in the NY/NJ area.   One of the keys to Elliot's success was his strong work ethic and commitment to the customer.  These winning characteristics helped launch a successful agency that has stood the test of time and remains a fundamental strength within the organization today.   Building on Elliot's foundation, Joel Zingler joined Nov-Ell Sales in the late 1980’s and subsequently purchased the agency May 5, 1994.  Since then, Nov-Ell Sales has grown in volume but still employs the same hard-to-find work ethic and high standards that were put in motion years ago.

How Nov-Ell Goes to Market

 Our portfolio of manufacturers that we represent, provides us with a broad ranging customer base.  Whether it's existing / repeat business or pioneering a new line, we specialize in "Pull-Through" business by leveraging our relationships with the end-customers and wholesale principals while maximizing all available resources to close sales. We serve as liaisons to large national wholesalers, regional wholesalers, independent distributors, showrooms and hardware stores.  Our customer base represents the plumbing, heating, HVAC, PVF and retail channels.   We pride ourselves in being "right-sized" where we're able to properly focus on the manufacturers we represent.  Nov-Ell maintains a sizable warehouse space and corporate offices all under one roof.   

Trade Geography

Nov-Ell Sales covers the greater New York Metropolitan market.  Our geographic footprint extends throughout Central NJ, Northern NJ, the 5 boroughs of New York City, all of Long Island and lower NY State.  Our office / warehouse is situated in northern NJ - about 10 miles away from NYC and is pretty much situated in the middle of our trade geography.  Our personnel are strategically  based around this territory to properly service our customer base.  

Guiding Principles

Always do the right thing.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Be humble.

Make decisions based on a long term philosophy.          

Mission Statement

Nov-Ell Sales strives to foster an environment where its employees are happy to work.  We recognize that we've been entrusted to represent our manufacturers and as such have an enormous obligation to represent them through being honest, ethical and trustworthy.  Our efforts are aimed at being viewed as best-in-class by our customer base through strong relationships and a keen business acumen.   We derive great satisfaction from delivering stellar performance for our business partners through exceeding their expectations. 

The Nov-Ell Difference

At Nov-Ell our people make the difference!  We know the difference people can make and the value they bring to an organization.  Afterall, we're in the service business, and service is all about people.  We scrutinize in hiring the best individuals available and continuously train and mentor them.  Our goal is to be best in class when it comes to relationships and service through employing the right people.